At Great Grins, our dental team is dedicated to providing you with a dental experience like no other. We work hard to ensure each visit to our office is comfortable, enjoyable, and effective. We love building relationships with our patients, and we look forward to getting to know you and your family. To learn more about us and our experienced dentist, Dr. Susan A. Vanstone, we welcome you to contact our dental office in Richmond, Kentucky. We are eager to hear from you!



Rita – Office Administration
After high school, I went to vocational business college. I have also taken many classes while working here to enhance my technical and patient skills. I joined the team at Great Grins in March 2000 in administration. I love that we all work together as a team. They are like my second family. I am usually the first person a patient sees, and I always greet them with a smile. I also work to get patients in with their schedule as much as I can. I also work with their insurance to find out benefits, etc.

I am a native of Madison County. I am married to George Brockman and we have two daughters and four grandchildren. He runs his own business, Brockman’s Automotive. I am an outdoor person. I love to go boating at the lake and also work in my flower gardens. I love spending time with the grandchildren and family.



Shiloh – Office Manager, Dental Hygienist, Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
I am the Office Manager at Great Grins, as well as a dental hygienist and an expanded duty dental assistant. I have been working with Dr. Susan A. Vanstone on and off since 1995, and I have been a continuous employee since 2003.

I graduated from Lexington Catholic High School in 1994. I went to college at EKU, and I graduated with honors in 1999. My husband and I lived in Cincinnati for a few years, and I worked at the Cincinnati Zoo. I decided I needed a career change in 2003 and came back to Kentucky to work with my mom (Dr. Vanstone) and go to hygiene school at Lexington Community College. I graduated as an RDH (registered dental hygienist) with a license to administer anesthesia in 2005. I am now able to work under general supervision (without a dentist present).

I have a daughter named Batelise who was born in 2008. My son, Jareth, was born in 2011. My husband, Jeremy, is the high school art teacher at Model Laboratory School. We also have two dogs, Barnabas and Rosie, whom you might see running around in the backyard.

In my spare time (the little I have!), I enjoy reading, cooking, and crocheting.

My favorite thing about our office is how close we are to each other. We get along, and I think it really shows in the way our office functions. We are a family, and we all work very well together!

Marla – Registered Dental Hygienist
I am originally from Ewing, Virginia. I have lived in Kentucky for the last 18 years. My husband, Garry, is a detective for the Lexington Police Department and my daughter, Kirsten, is a student at Madison Southern High School in Berea, where we live. My hobbies mostly involve raising an active teenager.

I have been a registered dental hygienist since 1994. I have worked for Dr. Vanstone since January 1997. I am certified in general supervision and local anesthesia.

I would say that my job is to help patients live healthier lives by providing my services and working with them one on one to provide the education and oral habits needed to be successful with current and long-term home care.

I am a people person, so not only do I teach my patients, but I also learn something from someone every day. I have done this job for a long time and no day has ever gone by that I feel like I have not made a difference in someone’s life!

Kendra – Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
I graduated from Fifield School of Dental Assisting in May of 2010 and began working for Dr. Susan A. Vanstone in August of the same year. As Dr. Susan A. Vanstone’s primary expanded duty dental assistant, I work with Dr. Susan A. Vanstone throughout every step of each patient’s treatment. My main goal is to ensure that we always provide the best level of care possible, whether I am working alongside Dr. Susan A. Vanstone or under her direct supervision. I so appreciate the long-term relationships that our team develops with our patients. In this office, it’s not just a catchphrase – our patients truly are like family.

When I’m outside the dental office, I moonlight as a polymer clay artist and semi-pro photographer. I have an uncanny penchant for details and a particular love for foreign languages. Baking sweet chocolaty things and handmade breads puts me in my happy place – I find kneading to be quite cathartic. My thirteen-year-old cat, Todd, has his furry little paw prints all over my heart.