What is a bite guard?
There are many situations where a bite guard might be needed, including participation in sports, sleeping at night, or even skateboarding and mountain biking. Great Grins offers bite guards to protect your teeth and give you the confidence you need to do these activities.

Bite guards can be custom-fitted mouth protectors that are generally used for upper teeth only. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and customize a guard just for you. There are many types of guards, and your dentist can suggest which one will be best suited to your specific needs. If you have a problem with grinding your teeth at night, Dr. Susan A. Vanstone also offers a bite guard that can prevent tooth damage.

A mouth guard is also beneficial while playing sports. It gives your teeth support and protection when they are hit or knocked. This helps you know that your teeth will be safe while you’re on the court or field. It can also give the same protection when you are crashing on a bike or missing a trick at the skate park.

If you think a bite guard in Richmond, Kentucky, might be the right fit for you, feel free to contact our office or express your interest to your dentist when you visit. We look forward to seeing you at our office soon!