What is a filling?

A filling is a dental restoration used to repair a tooth that has suffered from decay or another type of damage. If the damage is not extensive enough to warrant the use of a crown, our dentist may suggest a dental filling in Richmond, Kentucky. After removing the decayed and damaged portion of the tooth, Dr. Susan A. Vanstone will thoroughly clean the tooth and fill it with the chosen filling material. We will then sculpt the filling to fit the natural shape of the tooth, ensuring that it fits your smile comfortably and aesthetically. Finally, we use a special light to cure (harden) the filling. This entire process can typically be completed in a single visit to Great Grins; after just one short appointment, your smile will be healthy once again!

What is a white filling?

A white filling, also called a tooth-colored or composite filling, is made of a tooth-colored material known as composite resin. Our dentist will match the shade of the resin to your original tooth color so that your filling will look natural and blend in with your smile. The composite resin also helps to strengthen the tooth by forming a strong bond with the natural tooth structure. With good dental hygiene and care, your filling can last for several years.

For more information about composite fillings and to set up your next visit to our office, we invite you to call or visit us soon. We are eager to improve your smile!