What is pediatric dentistry?

At Great Grins, we enjoy caring for all of the members of your family. This includes children! We are pleased to provide gentle pediatric dentistry in Richmond, Kentucky, to ensure your child’s smile stays healthy for life. While your child is young, it is important to build a positive relationship with the dentist and form good dental hygiene habits. This will help your child maintain good dental health throughout their life.

Do I need to take my child to the dentist?

Yes, your child should visit the dentist regularly. We typically recommend that you bring your child to our office for their first visit around their first birthday, and we will perform their first cleaning around the age of three years. Each time you bring your child to our dental office, you can feel confident that Dr. Susan A. Vanstone and our entire team will be friendly and gentle. We know that children may feel nervous about visiting the dentist, and we want to make certain they feel comfortable at our practice. We are dedicated to providing the care they need as they grow older, whether they need cleanings, fillings, or more. To learn more about pediatric dentistry and to set up your child’s next appointment with our caring dentist, we invite you to call or visit us today. We look forward to seeing your family at our office soon!