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Yes, you read that right. You can give the gift of a perfect smile this Christmas! It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Your loved one would love a gift that keeps on giving this year, and we recommend considering it. Here are some few ideas you can think about:

1. An electric toothbrush: Electric toothbrushes are great tools that make brushing easy, convenient, and enjoyable. They even help children love brushing more and more each day! There are many different styles of electric toothbrushes that can make the experience even more enjoyable, and we encourage you to pick one that is perfect for your family member or friend!
2. A water flosser: Water flossers are great tools that make flossing more convenient and enjoyable. They are thin, wand-like tools that spray water into your mouth. All you need to do is guide the flosser through your smile so it can clean between each tooth.
3. A teeth-whitening treatment: If your loved one wishes for a more bright and brilliant smile, a teeth whitening treatment is the way to go! With the many treatments available in the dental world today, whether they are over the counter or professional, your family member or friend will have the smile of their dreams in no time.
4. Orthodontic treatment: Many people, even adults, have crooked, misaligned teeth. If you have a family member who wishes for a straighter and a more beautiful smile, give them the gift of orthodontics this year!

If you would like more ideas or if you would like to talk to Dr. Susan A. Vanstone or our team at Great Grins about the options, please feel free to do so! Simply call 859-626-9339 today and schedule an appointment. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to hearing from you.