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If you brush and floss every day, good for you! You certainly know how to care for your teeth. If you really want a squeaky clean smile, you should incorporate mouthwash into your dental care routine. Mouthwash rids your mouth of miniscule food and plaque particles left behind after brushing and flossing.

Typically, there are two different types of mouthwash you can use, and those rinses are:

-Therapeutic mouthwash: This wash can help improve your oral health. It reduces the plaque growth on your smile, which can ultimately prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Therapeutic mouthwash can also freshen your breath, remove food particles from your teeth, and strengthen your teeth with extra fluoride.

-Cosmetic mouthwash: This rinse can beautify your smile and give you fresh results. Some washes successfully whiten the teeth throughout time, while others freshen your breath and give you a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Both types of mouthwash will help you achieve a healthier, brighter smile. Swish them around in your mouth for thirty seconds at least once a day, and you’ll begin to see results. If you’re unsure which rinse is better suited to your needs, ask Dr. Susan A. Vanstone for a professional recommendation.

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